This project is supported by a Federal TIGER Grant. Learn more about TIGER below!

TIGER is a Discretionary Grant program from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and stands for the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery. The grants are specifically chosen to invest in road, rail, transit, and port projects that are judged by their outcomes regarding safety, economic competitiveness, state of good repair, livability, and environmental sustainability.  Prospective applicants can apply for planning or project funds. Since 2009 there has been more than $4.1 billion awarded to 270 proposals. The year MHA Nation won funding, there were 797 eligible applications submitted and only 72 were chosen to be funded. MHA Nation submitted one of the 72 applications that were funded and were one of only 4 tribal projects to be selected.

MHA Nation received $1,000,000 in federal funds through TIGER (announced on September 15, 2014), which will allow for a first-class and ground-breaking plan that will help to guide infrastructure development in the Fort Berthold area for many years to come. The funding is being provided on a local match basis which means that for every dollar awarded to the project, the Tribe must match the amount paid for by the TIGER Grant. This means that with $2,000,000, there is incredible potential for transportation planning and improvements on Fort Berthold.

The awarding of this TIGER grant positions MHA Nation to take the lead in the region on building and maintaining roads, deploying safety initiatives, developing a ferry boat system, implementing a transit system, and exploring additional rail, pipeline, and air systems. Investing and developing this additional infrastructure will have the intended effect of removing the large amounts of truck traffic from Fort Berthold roads. The roads are already in disrepair with an estimated 30,000 trucks currently licensed to be on Fort Berthold. Some projections put as many as 50,000 trucks on the roads in the next few years. Not only does this affect the ease and comfort of traveling on deteriorating Fort Berthold roads, it poses a significant safety concern for the local community. Planning and developing a coordinated regional multi-modal transportation plan will be an important first step to improving the oil impacted communities in and around the Fort Berthold and make MHA Nation more competitive for further Federal and State transportation related funding.


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