What do you think about electricity and energy on Fort Berthold? What do you remember about electricity on Fort Berthold from the past?

An electric transmission plan assesses the current electrical system used on Fort Berthold (including electricity demand, sources, and needs), as well as plan, schedule and develop infrastructure needed to meet our future electricity needs.¬†Electrical grids are large, interconnected systems, therefore planning requires collaboration with agencies that own and operate existing power systems in order to ensure that the grid operates reliably and in compliance at all times. Typical power grids consist of…a) Power Generation Plant (facility designed to produce energy from coal, gas, solar, water, wind, chemicals or nuclear sources); b) Substations (high voltage electric system facility); c) Transmission lines (under or above ground lines that carry electric energy from generation to distribution); and d) Distribution systems (connects electricity from main source to the customer).

Important electric transmission planning components include: existing infrastructure inventory, transmission line siting (location of transmission lines including permits and engineering), right-of-way (who owns the power lines and infrastructure), system impact studies (impact of project on existing power system), environmental impact studies, and a facilities study (estimates costs/timelines of equipment and engineering). These studies should also take into consideration the impacts of Climate Change and the role warming will have on the demand of our electrical grid systems.1

North Dakota has the lowest total energy consumption of any state due to its low population numbers, but has the highest energy expenditure per person, and the 4th highest energy consumption per person in the US.2 So what does this mean for Fort Berthold? What stories do you have about energy and electricity on Fort Berthold? We want to hear from you, so be sure to send us your comments, questions, and concerns as the Fort Berthold Electric Transmission Plan develops!

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